Why Advanced riding ?


It could be that you would like to make your riding safer after a "sharp intake of breath" moment. 

It could be to make your riding more enjoyable, we love to ride bikes afterall.

You may wish to improve your riding in specific area(s). Having established an understanding of your riding background and experience, there will be a briefing covering riding theory and skill development. The rest of the day is spent on the road. The training is based on the "pursuit method" with radio contact between your trainer and you. All areas of riding will be addressed, but hazard awareness, anticipation, cornering, overtaking and the safe use of speed will be covered in depth. 

The course will enable you to cope with all types of roads and traffic conditions. The intention is for you to get the very best from your motorcycle and at the same time increase your safety margins, as well as increase your enjoyment. 

The goal is to achieve an advanced riding technique, showing confidence, accuracy, safety and a smooth, polished ride at every speed. You will get regular feedback on the areas on which you need to concentrate, and advice on how to improve even further, via the radio, de-briefing sessions and video playback / discussions will form part of the course.

​Following advanced motorbike training you will be better able to anticipate and control situations to reduce your accident risk, better at anticipating changes, more observant and with enhanced handling skills, advanced riders have been acknowledged to be less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident.